Splash N Dash Car Wash


FastPass Ultimate

FastPass Interior Express


Our FastPass Interior Express includes interior at the Broadway location and an Ultimate Wash (good at any location) plus:

• Towel Dry
• Vacuum
• Dash & Console Dusting 
• Windows
• Door Jamb Wipe Down
• Floor Mats [4]


FastPass Ultimate

Our FastPass Ultimate includes the Works Wash plus:

• Ceramic Protectant
• Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant
• Armor All Extreme Shine Wax
• Armor All Tire Gloss & Shine 
• Spot-Free Rinse
• M6 Clear Coat Protectant
• Free Self-Service Vacuums



FastPass Works

Our FastPass Works includes the Express Wash plus:

• Drying Agent
• Triple Foam Polish 
• Wheel Cleaner
• Air Freshener
• Free Self-Service Vacuums


FastPass Express

Our FastPass Express includes:

• Basic Wash
• Blow Dry