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Annual Passes

Become a V.I.C. (Very Important Car ) and have a clean car for a full year!
There is no more economical way to protect your investment than the annual V.I.C. card.
Wash your car as often as three times per week for one year.


Annual Wheel Deal

Wheel Deal Wash Includes:

Propack Wash Plus:

Wheel Cleaning

Exterior Ceramic Layering

Best Exterior Protection plus Wheels



Annual Pro Pac V.I.C

Superior protection of your vehicle in all weather conditions.
Includes Full Service wash plus:

Undercarriage Wash with Rust Inhibitor

Trilogy Ceramic Foam Polish

Tire Shine

Car Scent

Pro Pac wash eliminates Magnesium Chloride and protects the Clear Coat of the vehicle



Annual Full Service V.I.C

Quick and convenient fifteen minutes inside and out service.

Automated Tunnel Wash


Dusting of Console and Dash

Hand Dry