Membership Options

Choose to have monthly automatic debits to your credit card or a one-time fee for a set period of washing.

Deluxe Wash Club

• PreSoak
• Clear Coat
• Spot Free Rinse
• High Pressure
• Heat Wave

Protection Wash Club

Deluxe Wash + 

• Triple Foam

• Underbody Blast

• Tire Shine

• Wheel Cleaner

Ultimate Wash Club

Protection Wash + 

• Citrus Foam

• Hot Wax

• Buff and Shine

Brilliance Wash Club

• Brilliance Wax Tunnel
• Ultimate Wash

*Only available at Lawrenceville, Burlington, Oxford Valley, and Princeton locations.


The Works Wash Club

• Ultimate Wash
• Brilliance Wax Tunnel
• Interior Valet Service

*Only available at Lawrenceville and Princeton locations.