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Triple Play Car Wash is Going Green

Triple Play Car Wash & Quick Lube is working to minimize our ecological footprint by investing in innovative ways we can reduce our water usage, use energy more efficiently, recycle the waste oil from our lube shop, and use biodegradable wash solutions that are safe for our water and streams.

We recognize that we have a responsibility as a company and as citizens to protect our community today for a better cleaner tomorrow. One way we are improving the quality of our facility is by recycling in excess of 80% of our water by using a state-of-the-art filtering system which greatly reduces the amount of water to roughly a third of what an average typical home driveway wash consumes. Reclaim water is water that is recovered and treated to make it acceptable for use in the wash portion of the total wash & rinse process. Reclaimed water is used as the muscle to remove the solids from the vehicle, followed by a fresh-water spot-free final rinse. Using reclaimed water promotes water conservation by re-using nearly 90% of the water used in a car wash.

Triple Play is also taking advantage of our waste oil from our Lube shop to heat our entire facility which will recycle about 15,000 gallons of oil per year. When it came to selecting wash solutions Triple Play selected only Eco-Conscious, Biodegradable and Non-Toxic products.

Triple Plays innovative thinking goes beyond just recycling many aspect of our facility has been setup to benefit the environment such as controlling water runoff. Unfortunately, charity 'parking lot' washes are a leading contributor to wasteful water usage and to the pollution of rivers and streams. Triple Play has also invested in energy efficient lighting throughout our facility to reduce our energy consumption.

We are proud of our efforts and we’re continually seeking new opportunity to continue to improve our environmental programs to operate a more efficient more sustainably business model that promotes a real commitment to our community and preserving our mother earth.