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Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Membership is for a single personal vehicle only, requires a credit/debit card for enrollment, and is billed monthly tothe credit/debit card on the monthly anniversary date of the plan enrollment.
  • 2. Membership requires an RFID FastPass sticker to be placed on the vehicle’s windshield. If the vehicle’swindshield interferes with the reading of the FastPass sticker, a Today’s Car Wash approved sticker is still required to be placed on the windshield for vehicle identification as a membership approved vehicle.
  • 3. Customers must notify Today’s Car Wash if their FastPass sticker becomes damaged, is no longer visible, the vehicle is sold,or the windshield is replaced. A new FastPass sticker will be issued.
  • 4. Today’s Car Wash is not responsible for any damage caused by the adhering or removal of the FastPass Sticker.
  • 5. Written notice of cancellation is required to be submitted 7 (seven) days before the monthly billing date. Cancellation forms are available at all locations or may be submitted online at and will requireaccount holder name, vehicle information, and account number to be submitted.
  • 6. No account refunds or adjustments will be made related to late or improperly filled out cancelation requests that do not meet the 7-day submission requirement.
  • 7. Wash services can be redeemed at any location. Available upgrade services or add-ons must be paid for at the time of purchase by the customer.
  • 8. If a customer’s credit/debit card is declined the account will be suspended. Today’s Car Wash is not liable to bank fees associated with insufficient funds as a result of account recharge attempts.
  • 9. Today’s Car Wash reserves the right to close due to inclement weather, major holidays, or repairs.
  • 10. Today’s Car Wash reserves the right to change monthly wash plan rates at any time with a 30-day advance notice posted at the location.

FAQ's Cancel Unlimited

What happens if I refuse to have the required sticker placed on my windshield?

The sticker is a required condition for the use of all monthly wash plans. If you refuse to have the sticker placed on your windshield or continue to remove it your account will be canceled.

Do I need my unlimited tag number to cancel my plan or update my credit card on file?

Yes, If you do not have your unlimited tag number please contact us.

Can I change my plan type online?

No, you will need to stop by a location to change plans.

How long does it take for my plan to be canceled?

Your plan will continue to be active until your next billing date. You may continue to wash your car during this time.

Will I receive a refund after canceling my plan?

No, you will not receive a refund. Your plan remains active until your next billing date.

Will I receive an email confirmation after I change my credit card or cancel my plan online?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after you submit your request to the personal email you provide during the request process.

What does it mean when I receive an error email response when I submit an online cancellation?

Typically, this means that the account is either inactive, in a credit card declined status, or the account number was entered in incorrectly. A company representative will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to help you resolve this issue.

What if I change my mind after I submit my cancellation request?

You will need to stop by a location to reactivate your plan.

How do I add additional vehicles to either a new or existing Family plan?

Additional vehicles to the account, the credit card used for the account will need to be present when adding new vehicles. This is a security feature for family plans and allows us to locate the plan and add a vehicle to it.

Can I request email receipts for the monthly recharges?

Yes, you contact us and request to receive email receipts associated with the charges and use of your monthly wash plan.

What if I get a new vehicle?

Membership is transferrable. You will need to stop in at any location with your new vehicle and ask to have it transferred. At that time your account will be verified and a new sticker placed on your windshield.

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