Monthly Pass

How the monthly pass works:
You pay $16.99 + tax each month for UNLIMITED Exterior Washes!

This program is designed to have you rethink when and how often you get your car washed. Snow, rain, bird droppings, dirty windshield, road construction grime and special events, or just to make you feel good! No Problem!

YOUR CAR IS A MAJOR INVESTMENT. Keeping your car clean helps maintain its value. It feels good to drive a clean car! With our Monthly Car Wash Pass program, you get Unlimited Exterior Car Washes for one low monthly price.

For your convenience, Island Car Wash has extended hours and we are open during days when most other car washes are closed. We are here for you!


Monthly Exterior Wash Club

$16.99 + tax /mo.

Wash Service Includes:

  • Wash Exterior of Vehicle
  • Towel Dry
  • Clean Outside of Windows


Monthly Gold Exterior Wash Club

$24.99 + tax /mo.

Wash Service Includes:

  • Lava Wax
  • Foam Polish Wax
  • Sealer Wax
  • Wheel "Blaster" Cleaner