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Unlimited Prepaid Washes

Wash your car as often as you want - as often as EVERY DAY!

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• We will charge your credit or debit card automatically every month on the date of joining.

• You can cancel this program at any time with no penalty.

Prices listed are charged on a monthly basis.




Ruby Interior VIP

  • Ruby Interior

    • Unlimited Ruby Washes + Interior Clean + Towel Dry

    Ruby Wash Includes:

    • Nano Clean
    • Nano Wax
    • Diamond Features

  • $70.00




    Ruby Exterior VIP

  • Ruby Exterior

    • Unlimited Ruby Washes

    Ruby Wash Includes:

    • Nano Clean
    • Nano Wax
    • Diamond Features

  • $45.00




    Diamond Exterior VIP

  • Diamond Exterior

    • Unlimited Diamond Washes

    Diamond Wash Includes:

    • Polisher & Protectant
    • Gold Features
  • $38.00


    Basic Exterior VIP

  • Basic Exterior

    • Unlimited Basic Washes

    Basic Wash Includes:

    • Heated Dryers
    • Neo-Glide Foam Wraps
    • Eco-Friendly Soaps

  • $25.00


    * No refund for any pre-paid packages, gift cards, coupon books or unlimited washes. Drive & Shine reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Excessively dirty vehicles may require extra charge for prepping. Limit one car wash per day.