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Unlimited Exterior Bronze

Our BRONZE EXTERIOR WASH base option includes these four steps:

  • A pre-soak penetrating spray to prep your vehicle for treatment.
  • A foam cleaner and soft cloth tunnel wash that covers all the bases.
  • A spot-free rinse.
  • An in-tunnel wheel cleaner.


Unlimited Exterior Platinum

Our premium package is the PLATINUM EXTERIOR WASH. It combines all of the services of our exterior wash packages:

  • A premium foam polish wax
  • A triple coat foam wax
  • A tire shine service
  • An in-tunnel wheel cleaner, and..
  • An underbody rinse with a rust inhibitor. The underbody rinse will help keep your car well-maintained and protected from salty contaminants.
  • The application of Rain X Complete Surface Protectant to repel rain, sleet, and snow.
  • An application of carnauba wax to the mix. It’s perfect for adding that final polish to your car.


Unlimited Full Service Gold

This Car Wash package includes all these premium services:

  • Spa soft cloth tunnel wash
  • In tunnel wheel cleaner
  • Foam polish wax
  • Clear coat
  • Triple Coat Wax: It will provide additional protection for your car’s exterior.
  • Underbody Rinse with Rust Inhibitor: Does your car run through mud, rain puddles, and other messes? Then our underbody rinse will eliminate all of the debris from the bottom of your vehicle.
  • Rain X Complete Surface Protectant: This sealant will provide an extra layer of protection from heat, wind, and wet weather
  • Interior vacuum,
  • Windows cleaned; dash & console dusted
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Tire shine
  • Air freshener
  • Towel dry


Unlimited Full Service Platinum

This package is perfect for autos that need an extra special touch. The Platinum Full Service bundle includes all the services in the Gold Full Service Package plus:

  • Spa Carnauba Wax: This wax forms a durable, protective barrier that leaves a beautiful shine and lasting protection.