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Unlimited Exterior Bronze

Our BRONZE EXTERIOR WASH base option includes these four steps:

  • A pre-soak penetrating spray to prep your vehicle for treatment.
  • A foam cleaner and soft cloth tunnel wash that covers all the bases.
  • A spot-free rinse.
  • An in-tunnel wheel cleaner.


Unlimited Exterior Platinum

Our premium package is the PLATINUM EXTERIOR WASH. It combines all of the services of our exterior wash packages:

  • A premium foam polish wax
  • A triple coat foam wax
  • A tire shine service
  • An in-tunnel wheel cleaner, and..
  • An underbody rinse with a rust inhibitor. The underbody rinse will help keep your car well-maintained and protected from salty contaminants.
  • The application of Rain X Complete Surface Protectant to repel rain, sleet, and snow.
  • An application of carnauba wax to the mix. It’s perfect for adding that final polish to your car.