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Bluebird Signature Wash

Unlimited Bluebird Special

This is our signature wash for a reason. Not only does this option have the most cleaning power but it also adds our two best products: the Rain Shield and Hot Wax. Our Rain Shield protects your finish, adds shine, and promotes water to bead off your vehicle. Next time it rains you will see the difference in your windshield. Our Hot Wax will protect your vehicle’s finish and bring brilliance to your paint. You will see and feel the difference after a few washes.

Prime Shine

Unlimited Prime Shine

The name says it all, in this package we add Tire Gloss to make your tires glisten, and the Triple Foam Paint Revitalizer to add cleaning power and shine to your vehicle. Get ready to sparkle.

Bluebird Signature Wash

Unlimited Fresh & Clean

This package adds Wheel Bright Cleaner to help with brake dust and grime, and also includes our Bluebird Rejuvenating Cleaner. This package is great for people who want a full clean without the shine or protection.