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Xtreme Wash

Xtreme Wash & Polish

For an extreme mess, you need an extreme clean. Our premium package includes the same options as our Supreme Wash, in addition to a number of other services.

Additional benefits of this package include:

  • Clean Re-Wash Guarantee
  • Thunder Falls Process
  • Flash Dry
  • Rinse & Cure
  • Total Body Protectant


Supreme Wash

For a truly dirty car, our Supreme Wash is the package you need. This service includes the same options as our Super Wash package, plus a tire shine, weather guard, wheel guard, and bug prep. Finish the job with an underbody blast.


Super Wash

Super Wash

Take your cleaning to the next level with our Super Wash option. We perform our basic services, plus a surface enhancer, which includes a wax job, air freshener, and wheel cleaning.



Xpress Wash

Use our basic wash to clean spots and scrub rims. This service includes a free rinse and costs only $8.


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