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Prepaid Wash Cards

Save money by purchasing our multi-unit prepaid wash cards

Full Service Wash Cards

Our Full Service Wash includes:

• Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash
• Interior Vacuum
• Windows Cleaned
• Dash/Console Dusted
• Bumper To Bumper Hand Dry


Super Dooper Wash Cards

Our Super Dooper Wash includes the Full Service Wash plus:

• Triple Foam Polish & Shine
• Wheel Cleaner
• Tire Shine
• Foam Bath
• Undercarriage
• Wheel Bright
• Clear Coat
• Air Freshener
• Bug Remover


Mega Star Wash Cards

Our Mega Star Wash includes the Super Dooper Wash plus:

• Rain X
• Meguiar's Dash Top Protectant
• Trim & Bumper Dressing
• Rain X for Wheels
• 7 Day Clean Car Guarantee


Ultra Star Wash Cards

Our Ultra Star Wash includes the Mega Star Wash plus:

• Hot Wax & Shine
• Meguiar's Doors & Console Protectant
• 14 Day Clean Car Guarantee


Express Wash Cards

Our Express Wash includes:

• Single Foam Polish & Shine
• Spot Free Rinse
• Power Dry


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