Your FastPass Number is on the sticker placed on your windshield, typically on the drivers side corner.

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    If you were given a Fast Pass tag (example above) when you signed up, please use that as your Customer ID. If you did not receive a Fast Pass Tag, then you will put in your License Plate for your Customer ID.

    License Plate Example: ABC1234-AZ

    Fast Pass Example: 12345+123456

    Important: When entering your Customer ID (FastPass or License plate number), please enter it as it appears, with no spaces in between the numerals or symbols.

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    Why are we asking for this information? So we can contact you if there are any problems cancelling your plan.
    A FastPass Code is an 11 digit number separated by a "+" found on the RFID tag on your vehicle. The tag is typically placed on your windshield. License Plate numbers must be entered with the state code in order to be recognized. For example, if your license plate is ABC123 and you live in Arizona, enter ABC123-AZ.

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    If you do not have your FastPass number or it is not legible, contact the office by using the tab on the bottom of the Home Page or email us at

    Submit Cancellation requests 5-7 business days before your Monthly Recharge Date

    Click Submit Only ONCE! (click “OK” when it appears.) Please wait up to one minute for Confirmation Email

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