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Polymer Pro

Special Online Membership Sale – Please enjoy your first month for only $19.99!  It will convert to the regular monthly membership price at your local car wash site.  This is typically $39.99.  (Prices can vary by market, but are never more than $39.99). After you complete signing up today, we will mail you an activation package complete with your Unlimited Wash Club sticker for the windshield of your car.  This allows you to automatically enter the car wash each time your visit.

POLYPRO Unlimited VIP Wash Club is our premiere unlimited, worry-free wash program. You can wash your vehicle as often as you like at all of our locations as often as you want without getting out of your car and start saving after just two washes!  There is with no long-term commitment and conveniently billed monthly. 

What makes our Polymer Pro wash so special?
Polymer Pro™ is a proprietary rinse formula that keeps your car looking like new!  Polymer Pro rinse works by filling in microscopic imperfections on the exterior paint finish of your car.   This protective rinse then resists dirt particles and acid from bug guts, bird droppings and rain, producing a gloss and shine you can honestly see after just a few washes.

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