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Slyde's Razzle

Unlimited Slyde's Razzle Dazzle

This is by far Slyde’s favorite! The Razzle Dazzle Full Service Car Wash will leave your car feeling brand new! This package includes everything we offer in the Suds & Sparkle package plus Cleaned Dash, Doors, Console, Vents & Crevices, and Conditioned Dash, Doors & Console.

Slyde's Suds
& Sparkle

Unlimited Slyde's Suds & Sparkle

This is the shining beacon of clean and one of Slyde’s favorites! The Suds & Sparkle is a squeaky-clean package that includes everything we offer in the Simple Splash package plus Carnauba Wax, Wiped Doors, Dash, Console and Interior Dusting with Compressed Air.

Slyde's Ultimate
soak Package

Unlimited Slyde's Ultimate Soak

Slyde’s Ultimate Soak package includes everything we offer in the Royal Soak package PLUS CERAMIC X3

Slyde's Royal
Soak Package

Unlimited Slyde's Royal Soak

Slyde’s Royal Soak package includes everything we offer in the Triple Soak package plus Bug Prep, Lava, Under Body Wash, Rain-X, and Carnauba Wax.

Slyde's Triple
Soak Package

Unlimited Slyde's Triple Soak

Slyde’s Triple Soak package includes everything we offer in the Speedy Soak package plus Triple Foam, Wheel Brite, Clear Coat Protectant, and Hand Applied Tire Shine.

Slyde's Speedy
Soak Package

Unlimited Slyde's Speedy Soak

Slyde’s Speedy Soak package includes Presoak, Soft Touch Wash, Spot Free Rinse, and Hand Towel Dry.