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Unlimited MiraShield Process

$44.99 + tax per month

Lustra MiraShield® is a patent 6 steps shining process that bring your car shine to a next level. This car wash includes the latest technology of the car wash industry to deliver your best experience. During the drive-thru car wash you will also enjoy a great LED lightning experience during the different phases.
At the end of the tunnel an automated machine ends the drying process applying the tire shine and buffing your clear coat. This car wash is great to protect and shine your vehicle.

This Wash Includes Hot Wax Package

Unlimited MiraShield Wax

$34.99 + tax per month

This car wash includes MiraShield Hot Wax ® with Carnauba. The product is fully improved with advanced surfactant/dispersion technology. The product gives exceptional foam presentation with attractive lava-like deep orange color and pina-colada fragrance. In addition, the product contains not only “Carnauba wax nanoparticles dispersion” but also “Hydrophobic polymer” as active sealant to produce the strong protection as well as ultimate shine on the vehicle surfaces. Carnauba is the hardest wax known and is a natural water repellent and UV protector.

This Wash Includes Wheel Deal Package

Unlimited Wheel Deal

$24.99 + tax per month

This car wash is "a must" for wheel care. During the car wash a 2-step rim cleaning removes the brake dust and dirt from your rims. At the end of the tunnel the automated machine buffs the vehicle to make it dry and shine while tire shine is applied simultaneously. This package guarantees a clean and shiny car without waits.

Unlimited Basic Wash

$19.99 per month

This drive-thru car wash includes soap and Power Air Dry (no Buff and Shine).