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Why are we asking for this information? So we can contact you if there are any problems discontinuing your plan.
This is the 11 digit number (xxxxx+xxxxxx) found on the RFID tag (sticker) on your windshield, or can be more easily read on the second sticker we use, located on the driver's doorjamb. If you were not issued a FastPass tag please enter your license plate number with the state code following. (Example: 123456-CA)

  I authorize my plan to be discontinued. Your IP Address and other information will be recorded for fraud prevention purposes.

Please do not reload your browser after submitting your request. You will receive confirmation upon completion.

In order to complete the cancellation in the shortest amount of time and avoid the possibility of future billings, we highly advise using the form above with FastPass number / license plate included.  However, If you are unable to retrieve your FastPass number for any reason, please use the following link to complete your club cancellation:    

Alternate Cancellation Form