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    Detail Services

    CARNAUBA WAX Starting At $ 60
    • Applications of Carnauba Wax or Nano Sealant (your choice)
      to vehicle exterior using an orbital waxer
    • Provides best weather resistance & superior paint protection
    • Adds a showroom shine
    • Will last up to 6 months

    EXPRESS WAX Starting At $ 40
    • Applications of wax to vehicle exterior using an orbital waxer
    • Provides excellent weather resistance & paint protection
    • Adds a great shine
    • Will last up to 3 months

    CLAY BAR Starting At $ 90
    • Removal of light oxidation build up from painted surfaces
    • Best if used before waxing to remove contaminants
    • Removes road tar
    • Ensures 100% of wax adheres to the clearcoat

    BUFF & WAX Starting At $ 160
    • Designed to get you the best appearance and shine on your vehicle's paint
    • Comes with Carnauba or Nano Sealant (your choice) to help fill the pores of clearcoat
    • Paint sealant stops the bleed-thru from lower layers of paint such as oxidation and lasts up to 6 months
    • Removes light to moderate scratches
    • Removes all oxidation
    • Blends heavier scratches to help conceal them
    • Vehicle must have clay bar service before buff to ensure clearcoat is clean of contamination
    • Priced for light and dark colored paint jobs



    CARPET/SEAT SHAMPOO Starting At $ 40
    • Shampoo all carpet or cloth seats
    • Removes most stains
    • Brightens colors
    • Prolongs the life of fabric & can help remove some odors from cloth

    LEATHER TREATMENT Starting At $ 50
    • Complete cleaning of all leather seats
    • Removal of sand and grit from all seams to prevent further leather and stitching deterioration
    • Application of leather protectant to all leather seats
    • Prevents premature cracking and fading
    • Puts natural oils back into leather to make it pliable

    INTERIOR VINYL Starting At $ 50
    • Complete cleaning of all interior vinyl, including dash and center console
    • Application of vinyl protectant to protect & restore its luster

    HEADLIGHT RESTORE Starting At $ 40
    • Removes the oxidation that causes the lens to look dull
    • Enhances night driving and safety

    GERM ELIMINATION AIR Starting At $ 50
    • Clean the inside of your car of allergens, mildew, mold, and bacteria - all of which thrive in your A/C system's cold, wet, and dark areas
    • Leaves a preventative coating in the vehicle to continue to kill bacteria for up to 6 months
    • Environmentally friendly and very safe

    • Designed to remove strong odors that regular cleaning will not get out, such as spillage of milk, gasoline, vomit, or cigarette smoke
    • Application of Germ Eliminination Air as listed above
    • Spilled area must be shampooed first to ensure the source of the smell is eliminated

    SILVER DETAIL Starting At $ 150
    • Ruby Wash & Vac
    • Carpet Shampoo
    • Seat Shampoo
    • Vinyl Clean & Condition
    • Hand Wax
    • Save Up To $46

    GOLD DETAIL Starting At $ 300
    • Everything from the Silver Detail PLUS
    • Clay Bar Clear Coat
    • Carnauba Wax Upgrade
    • Wheel Detail
    • Bumper Coat Protection
    • Germ Elimination Air
    • Save Up To $106

    PLATINUM DETAIL Starting At $ 500
    • Everything from the Gold Detail PLUS
    • Germ Elimination Surface
    • Buff & Polish
    • Headliner Detail
    • Engine Clean
    • Engine Armorall
    • Headlight Lens Polish
    • Save Up To $206