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Wash Club

Join Our Wash Club

$ 4.00 OFF ANY WASH - Simply return within 14 days of your last paid wash and automatically save $4.00 That’s only $5.00 for a basic wash!

$ 1.00 OFF ANY WASH - Didn’t make it back within 14 days? No problem! Get $1.00 off when you return within 15-30 days of your last paid wash.

EVERY 10TH WASH IS FREE - It’s simple. After 9 paid washes the 10th is free!

48 HOUR CLEAN CAR GUARANTEE - Never worry about rain, snow, bugs, or birds again! If your car gets dirty again within 48 hours of your last paid wash simply return within that 48 hour period for a free basic wash.


  • $4.00 Off every wash within 2 weeks!
  • 48 Hour Guarantee!
  • 10th Wash Free!
  • $1.00 Off when you return within 15-30 days of your last paid wash. 

How Do I Join?

Click the Sign Up button below, and go through the Checkout process. (Don’t worry, we won’t ask for your credit card information unless you are purchasing something in addition to joining our club). Print the redemption certificate and present it at our wash. An attendant will place a small band-aid sized tag on your windshield.

What's It Cost?

It’s FREE!

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