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Belfonte's CarWash

Online Store

    Unlimited Express Annual Pass

    Our Express Annual Pass Includes:

    • Gentle Foam Wash


    Unlimited Express Plus Annual Pass

    Our Express Plus Annual Pass Includes the Express Wash and:

    • Wheel Brightener
    • Underbody Blast
    • Body Brightener


    Unlimited Appearance Annual Pass

    Our Appearance Annual Pass Includes the Express Plus Wash and:

    • Triple Foam Conditioner


    Unlimited Premier Annual Pass

    Our Premier Annual Pass Includes the Appearance Wash and:

    • Rain-X
    • Tire Shine


    Unlimited Wash N Vac Annual Pass

    Our Wash N Vac Annual Pass Includes the Premier Wash and:

    • Vacuum
    • Windows
    • Dust Dash
    • Door Jambs
    • Exterior Wipe Down


    Unlimited Works Annual Pass

    Our The Works Annual Pass Includes the Wash N Vac Wash and:

    • Dust Dash and Console
    • Rubber Floor Mats Cleaned
    • Carpet Floor Mats Cleaned (Olathe Site: Express Hand Wax Instead of Carpet Floor Mats Cleaned)