Arbor Car Wash

Car Wash Certificates

Enjoy the convenience of purchasing a car wash before you even get in your car.  Just print the redemption certificate and scan it at the payment terminal when you arrive.  Buy online today and save!


Waterworks Wash Certificate - $18.95

Save time with our basic full service wash!

•Interior Vacuum
•Clean Windows, Dust Dash, Dust Console, Door Jambs, Door Panels and Ashtrays



Tidal Wave Wash Certificate - $25.95

Protect your paint and keep your car shiny!

Includes the Waterworks Wash plus:

• Klear Koat Protection
• Fragrance Choice



Ben's Special Wash Certificate - $28.95

Give your wheels a showroom shine!

Includes the Tidal Wave Wash plus:

• Wheel and Tire Cleaner
• Vinyl Guard Tires



The Works Wash Certificate - $39.95

Our top wash has it all to keep your car looking new!

Includes the Ben's Special Wash plus:

• Complete Vinyl Protection Package