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About Us

In 1993, when Upper Image Services was founded in Dallas, it was under the premise that the car washing industry and local community were in need of a business that offered a high-end car washing service. The company’s vision was to utilize cutting edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility to deliver a first-class car washing service that consumers had never experienced before. This concept led to regional and national car wash awards for “innovative design, architecture, and operation” in the car washing industry.

The company has since positioned itself in the Arizona and Texas marketplaces as Quick N Clean, and the same fundamental concept is being applied. A superior wash is delivered at an expedited speed and at a fraction of the cost of most traditional car washes.

Through its financial commitment to an upscale facility, technologically advanced equipment, and unparalleled product delivery, Quick N Clean is using its proven track record of success to operate an upstanding business that exceeds customer and community expectations. As a result, a satisfied customer base will be developed, which will ultimately ensure a successful, high profile, and stable business in the Arizona and Texas marketplaces.